Starter Series

Please Note: We are very excited to be re-starting our Starter Series classes this summer, Classes will be held on Wednesdays for six weeks starting 7/14/21. Individual times for Piano, Guitar, Drum and Violin Starters are listed below.

Summer Tuition: 6 week session, $90

The Music Academy Starter Series classes are six week sessions available on individual instruments, a perfect opportunity for beginner students to “give it a shot” in a small group format. Students will gain valuable foundational information and techniques through weekly half hour sessions to give their experience on their new instrument an excellent “kickstart”. Starter classes are available for Piano, Guitar, Drums and Violin.

Schedule: All classes will be on Wednesdays for six weeks starting on 7/14/21. Flexible summer schedule: Missed classes can be made up.

Piano Starters – 9:30am.

Guitar Starters – 10:15am.

Drum Starters – 11am,

Violin Starters – 11:45am

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